dress code: Baggage claim

We all need a weekend getaway sooner or later (probably sooner rather than later).  So when that time comes, grab your weekend bag (I am sure you have a few in your closet… right?!?), pack your essentials and get on your way.  Just because its a quick trip doesn’t mean you have to look like your hitchhiking to the next town.  Grab one of these Sandqvist weekend bags.  Clean. Sturdy. Stylish.  The Swedish brand has been around since 2004 and has been making uncomplicated, quality, leather goods ever since.

MENTORS NOTE:  Get rid of the mesh backpack or the college duffel bag and upgrade to one of these bags.  They are easy to work with, durable and it will make it look like your trip was planned weeks ago (even though all of your stuff may have been thrown in the bag hours before).  The look of each bag is clean with little fuss.  The rest of you may look relaxed on your weekend trip, but your bag will keep looking sophisticated.  Our favorite: the John weekend bag in cognag brown leather.

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