dress code: Dress well for a change

Edun was founded in 2005 by Ali Hewson and Bono (yes, that Bono).  Edun is a global fashion brand that brings awareness and positive change through its relationship with Africa.  With cotton-farming programs and long-term community building and infrastructure opportunities, Edun is making a difference in countries like Kenya, Morocco, Madagascar, Uganda and Tunisia.

MENTORS NOTE: If you aren’t interested in the brand because of its amazing commitment to changing the world, then check out the clothing for how good it looks! The fits and silhouettes are clean and modern.  Its a bit rugged, a bit euro yet, still, very functional.  Check out their website (very cool, by the way!) and look at their blazers and jackets. They fit well and they will stand out in a dull crowd of basic navy blue and charcoal gray blazers.  Grab one, try it on and get it tailored, if needed.  No one will care how cool your blazer is if it fits you like you are wearing a potato sack.

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