dress code: Put your old boots to Bed


Bed Stu is a Booklyn-inspired, California based footwear line for both men and women.  Each pair of shoes is individually made with the same hand finishes, vegetable tanned leather and detailing as custom made shoes.  They have partnered up with Stand Up 2 Cancer (a program that raises funds to accelerate the pace of groundbreaking translational cancer research) with a collection of men’s and women’s shoes and accessories.  Partial proceeds from each of the items purchased will go to the organization.  The special collection, know as the “Stand Up” collection can be found on www.bedstu.com

MENTORS NOTE: Everyone should own a pair (or two… or three) of cool leather, casual shoes.  Not dress shoes, not loafers, but mid or high top boots that can be worn out to a concert, dinner, or just a random evening out with friends.  Leather is one of the most versatile materials on earth and your shoes will only look better with age.  Grab a pair of Bed Stu brown leather boots.  You’ll practically be able to wear them with anything from khaki’s, jeans to chinos.  Go for a camel colored boot.  The mid-toned boot will get natural scratches and marks that will range from light to dark giving your boots a nice even distressed look.  Depending on your destination and what you can pull off, where them with loosened laces (like shown above) for a more relaxed look.

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