dress code: coat yourself

Barbour has been producing quality coats and jackets since 1894.  Today, the 5th generation family owned business still remains in the UK, producing over 2000 garments for both collections (spring/summer and autumn/winter) every year.  Each collection now features items for men, women and children and is sold in over 40 countries worldwide.

MENTORS NOTE:  A coat should definitely be an investment.  Its the piece of clothing that keeps us warm, that protects us from the elements and that (hopefully) makes you look like your going somewhere and not just like you blindly reached into your coat closet (that is where you keep your coats, right?). Your coat should be part of your outfit and not something that covers your outfit.  The images above perfectly demonstrate how to purposely wear a coat/jacket.  You accessorize around it with a scarf, a fitted cardigan or… a motorcycle?  Leave the latter to the professionals. For now, get yourself a nice, classic coat (a darker color will have more versatility) and put it to good use.  The added wax finish to some of the Barbour coats are a huge plus! That’ll protect you from rain without you having to wear some tragic poncho.

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