dress code: naked and glowing (let us explain)

Naked & Famous Denim uses only the most unique and rare denim fabrics imported from Japan.  The Canada-based denim brand is dedicated to producing modern fitting jeans made out of the best salvaged denim in the world.  Their jeans are well made and cool! You have to check out their SkinnyGuy Glow in the Dark jeans.  Yes, they really do glow!  All you have to do is charge them up with light (sunlight or artificial light) and voila! The jeans will also glow under a black light (each pair of jeans comes with a mini blacklight flashlight)

MENTORS NOTE:  Okay, so these are jeans that we clearly wouldn’t suggest you wear to a business dinner or a late night church service.  However, you can wear them for a fun night on the town or a cool arts event.  The jeans glow due to an application of phosphorescent coating to the fabric.  The coating is baked into the fabric which slowly absorbs light and then releases it with the illuminating glow.  Luckily, the jeans are really cool (even when they are not glowing) and they fit GREAT! This skinny gray jean can be worn as a casual piece or dressed up with a fitted button up, a blazer and some distressed, black leather boots.

The SkinnyGuy Glow jean is available at  www.tateandyoko.com

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