dress code: we are conVINCEd

VINCE is a contemporary clothing line that was founded in 2002. Its collections include signature cashmere sweaters, jackets, shirts, hoodies and denim. You can often find a very clean palette in their collection and the fit is superb.  The clean lines and quality fabrics add value to each piece making each item you purchase quite versatile.

MENTORS NOTE: We all need to relax once in a while.  Kick back, go casual and just live life. However, that doesnt mean one should look like they bought their oversized hoodie in the clearance bin!  We have nothing against clearance bins or hoodies, but we do have a love/hate relationship with oversized clothing (more hate, than love). A great fitting hoodie or zippie (yes, you can call them that too) can make a huge difference in how you look.  VINCE offers some great fitting pieces that can easily be layered and mix and matched. Grab a pair of your favorite (well fitting) jeans or some skinny cargo chinos.  Layer on a long sleeve henley and fitted, bright colored sweatshirt or zippie (have the layers be different colors) and you are good to go!  You’ll be casual and comfortable and will not look bulky and unkept.  (Make sure you read the size chart info on their website.  Sometimes their sizes run a bit small.)

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