dress code: new kicks on the block

There is a new addition to the Goodhood Store (read our previous Goodhood post here) roster: Mark McNairy’s New Amsterdam and Bass Weejuns footwear.  The New Amsterdam shoes are all produced in Northampton (the UK footwear capital) by Sanders & Sanders who have been perfecting their trade in the UK since 1873. Working together with Mark McNairy they have created a Derby work shoe in a black colourway with a natural storm welt.  What is a storm welt, you ask?  Well, we have an answer for you! A storm welt is a band of leather that is sewn into the interface between the boot upper and the sole. It prevents water from seeping into the shoe. This collaboration is exclusive to the Goodhood Store and are available in store and online at http://goodhoodstore.com

MENTORS NOTE: Its no secret that we are a fan of shoes.  And this pair is no exception! The two tone color palette of the shoe is great because it breaks the eye and gives the shoe more dimension.  The black coulourway is sophisticated and the white sole gives the shoe a casual feel.  Quite a nice contrast! Pair these shoes with a pair of colored chinos that land right on your angle in length.  That way the whole shoe shows.  If you dare, wear no socks and go for the prep, hipster look.

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