dress code: black is the new black

Bas and Lokes is a two designer operation based out of Sydney, Australia.  Since 2009, all of the leather goods sold have been designed, created and hand-made in Sydney, never outsourced, and always made with the finest leather materials.  Bas and Lokes recently launched The New Black Collection, a unisex collection of exceptionally sleek leather goods.  The collection includes an iPad cover, watch straps, a toiletry kit and a long wallet (all shown above) as well as short flap wallet, a key fob and a clutch bag. You can view the rest of the collection at www.BasAndLokes.com

MENTORS NOTE: We all have used (or currently use) some of the accessories mentioned above.  But do yours look as sophisticated as these? Leather is a great material because it can absorb the wear and tear of your daily life AND it looks better as time goes on.  Swap your current toiletry kit (we are sure that you just don’t throw your toothbrush and some cologne samples into your bag), your iPad cover and your 10 year-old I ❤ NYC key chain for more modern pieces. The dark, rich color of the leather will make your taste seem more evolved.  Accessories are supposed to accent your life, not make you to stand out.

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