dress code: holiday giving



We’ve posted about Wolf vs Goat before (check out our previous post here), mentioning their great chinos and their Customer Loyalty program. Now that the holidays are approaching, let us tell you about another reason why we are fans of this brand. Their Oxford shirts come in different sizes (as most shirts do). They are also offered in two different cuts: the before dinner and, your holiday savior, the after dinner.  The before dinner shirt has darts (a tapered tuck that is stitched into the garment to give it shape) on the back.  It allows the shirt to have a more slender fit.  There is also a bit less room under the arm, giving you a snug fit around the shoulders.  Once you have eaten, feel free to change into the after dinner shirt. This cut has no darts so the fit is less fitted and there is sufficient room in the shoulders to allow you to breathe easily, post-feast. That’s what we call holiday giving!

MENTORS NOTE: Both these shirts fit great.  They appear to fit the same (before dinner [top image] and after dinner [bottom image]), but once you put them on, you’ll definitely be able to tell the difference.  We recommend getting the after dinner button down. If you have a completely flat stomach (congratulations, to you!) then get the before dinner. The slender fit is not as forgiving when you sit down  so beware.  Both shirts have a great, quality fit and come in an array of colors. Wear with your favorite pair of jeans or chinos and you’re all set!

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