dress code: get naked this spring



Naked and Famous, the same Canadian brand that brought you glow in the dark jeans last fall (yes, we said “glow in the dark”! check them out here) is now bringing you two Barneys exclusives for the spring. Naked and Famous continue to use Japanese denim to offer stylish denim options with superb fit and quality.

MENTORS NOTE: Gray is a perfect denim color for your closet. The color is neutral enough to dress up or down and its perfect for spring or fall.  If you do not have one, get a pair! Barneys carries two exclusive pairs for Naked and Famous. May we suggest our favorite: the PIN UP PRINT.  Not to get technical, but it’s made up of four directions of yarn (2 warps and 2 wefts). The top warp is indigo and the remaining three are white, leaving the inside of the denim completely blank. Naked and Famous took the chance and printed vintage style, 1940’s pin up girls on the inside of the jeans. Wear it with your favorite crisp white t-shirt, roll up the bottom (to show a bit of ankle, but more importantly that fun print) and wear a cool pair of low top kicks. This is what people mean when they say, “Let the beauty on the inside show.”

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