dress code: new boys on the block


Boys will be boys, right? But these boys will up your style game in NO time! Meet, THE GARMNT BOYS, New York City’s newest and most buzzed about fashion stylists! Andrew Nordin and Houston Vinson launched GARMNT in August 2012. They are a full service style powerhouse offering wardrobe consultations, personal shopping, closet audits and personal styling. In their words, a typical appoint will flow like this, “Contact. Consult. Prep. Shop.” It’s that simple.

MENTORS NOTE: What are you waiting for?! Finish reading this post later and hurry up and contact them! Your closet is not going to purge by itself! We all have a few (or a whole lot) of pieces that we can (need) to get rid of in our closets! We tend to hold on to things for some time (too long) and hope that they fit again (they won’t) or that they come back in style (they won’t).   This is why we ALL need the guys featured above! Set up a consultation (its free!) and let them audit your closet or go shopping for you (those services are not free!).  You’ll never know what you are capable of pulling off until you try it on.

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