dress code: Oumlil





OUMLIL was launched in 2005 and showed its first collection in February 2007 during New York’s Fashion Week. Hisham, who currently resides in New York City, founded the brand after cultivating his love for fashion at fashion powerhouses like Krizia, Versace, Hermes and Lora Piana. His eye for design aesthetics, his tailoring skills and his knowledge of textiles has allowed Hisham to create a sophisticated brand with both a dedicated following of clients and industry accolades (Hisham was awarded the Fashion Group International’s (FGI) Rising Star Award in Menswear and was featured in the 2009 book, “American Beauty – Aesthetics and Innovation in Fashion”).

MENTORS NOTE: Every man should own at least one suit (says the guy who hates to wear them!). But don’t do as I do. Do as I say. Move away from the big box suit sellers (that we will not call out in this post, but you know who they are). Instead, opt for a true tailored suit that will deliver the quality, fit and sleek look that one would expect. OUMLIL does just that. The attention to detail is superb and the subtle design elements warrant just the attention that you deserve (but should never ask for).

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