dress code: tms S13 top pick


tms S13 top pick: Bjorn Borg :: Native shoes

MENTORS NOTE: It’s spring! Get your swimming gear ready so you can head towards the water! But before you walk out the door, look in the mirror (twice) and make sure the trunks you have on compliment your potentially not so trim waist and your potentially shorter (thank you think) legs. Lets be honest, most of you will grab the first pair you see and run with it. A few things to watch out for:

:: Is the length right for you? If you have a good build (see above), try a shorter trunk. The length is enough to cover all of the essential parts, but it keeps you from looking like a surfer (especially when the beach is no where to be found).

:: Don’t be afriad to add a bit of color to your trunks. Chances are that you will not be wearing anything else so why not wear a bold color.

:: See if the ones you chose have pockets. They’re functional and come extremely handy when you are trying to stash your keys (or that tragic koozie that you should of tossed ages ago).

Pair your perfectly selected trunks with a pair of Native shoes. Like we mentioned before, these shoes are GREAT for this season. They are comfortable, easy to pack and lightweight.

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