dress code: tms S13 top pick


tms S13 top pick: Ambig :: Native shoes

MENTORS NOTE:  Spring is here and summer is fast approaching! Make sure you are prepared with plenty of gear so you can be comfortable and effortlessly cool in this warmer weather. Shorts (Ambig) are a must! Make sure they fit well around the waist and slightly above the knee. If we can see your underwear, but not your knee caps, something is wrong! Tanks (Ambig) are perfect for the spring/summer weather. Again, make sure they fit well (it always helps to have good arms [hint: see above]). A baggy tank will only make you look sloppy. Keep the graphics simple and make sure the color compliments your skin. Blues and greens are great for those with olive skin. Native shoes are perfect for spring/summer. They are lightweight, comfortable and they dry easily. They are perfect for the beach, pool or lake. Make sure to get a few pairs in a variety of colors and styles. And feel free to not wear any socks with these shoes. The shoes allow your feet to breathe and you’ll avoid the odd stares.

Hair products were provided by VERB.

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