dress code: tms S13 top pick


tms S13 top pick: Staple NYC

MENTORS NOTE: Graphic tees are back in (but were they really ever out?). Make sure your t-shirt has a cool, subtle graphic (see above at the Staple NYC t-shirt). We know that “cool” is all relative, but let me confirm that brightly colored tigers and “Do You Have Tickets to the Gun Show” does NOT qualify as cool. You should look and feel relaxed in your t-shirt so make sure it fits well on the shoulders and is a proper length (if it hangs more than three inches past your belt, it’s probably too long).  Here are some basic t-shirt check points:

:: See how the shirt hugs your arm. Some have snug sleeves which will make your biceps look larger (always a good thing). BUT… make sure that your arms aren’t awkwardly bulging out of the sleeves like a busted can of biscuits. If that is the case, move to plan B!

:: Make sure the t-shirt isn’t boxy. If it is, it’ll make your torso look square (which will make you look shorter and stockier). You have a waist line so let the t-shirt show that.

:: Check to see where the collar sits. Some of us can pull off a v-neck t-shirt while others prefer a crew neck. Just make sure you don’t look like your being choked by your shirt. Have the collar run across your collar bones. Any higher and your trachea may be in jeopardy!

Hair products were provided by VERB.

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