dress code: tms S13 top pick


tms S13 top pick: Skulls NYC :: Bing Bang NYC :: Ashley Marc Hovelle

MENTORS NOTE: Here are three ways to accessorize this spring:

1. Caps. Yes, like the ones you put on your head. But leave the sports team logos for the stadium. Invest in a cool patterned or colored cap that can be versatile. Skulls NYC (see above) has some pretty cool options that can add some color and texture to your outfit without making you look like a frat guy (no offense to any frat guys reading this).

2. Jewelry. Be careful. Unless you are Flava Flav (which you are not. We hope.), Mr. T (we just aged ourselves with this reference) or from Jersey (no offense to anyone from Jersey), you need to keep the jewelry to a minimum. Bing Bang jewelry has cool, masculine jewelry that you can wear on an every day basis. They have rings, bracelets and necklaces (see above) as well as cuff links. Their stuff is light weight and not as blingy as you think so anyone can pull it off.

3. Patterned shorts! We are sure you have some basic khaki shorts, maybe a navy blue pair and we are hoping that you DON’T have a denim pair, but a patterned pair of shorts will still give you that casual, comfortable look, but with a more jazzy feel. Ashley Marc Hovelle has some cool short options. Pair with a crisp, white tee (or no tee at all) and you are good to go.

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