dress code: closed for business




Closed is an international denim, fashion brand that was founded in Italy in 1978. Today, the global fashion icon is based in Germany, yet most of the companies products are still manufactured in Italy.  Aside from its iconic denim and chino lines, Closed also boasts four women, four men and two kid collections per year.

MENTORS NOTE: Guys, you need to have an open mind when it comes to your wardrobe! And by “open” we mean a “Closed” mind. Ahh, see what we did there?  The Closed collections are forever evolving and your closet should be doing the same thing! Do not be afraid to throw in a twist or two into the mix. Colored chinos are perfect for spring and can add some funk at an event (where most guys will be sporting a neutral palette). If colored pants are too much for you, try a colored trench (see above). The skies may be gray and bland, but you are definitely not! Its an unexpected (yet welcomed) sight to see a colored trench. Pair it with a muted color pair of chinos and a basic tee. Dont forget your umbrella (which we hope does not have any sport team or company logos of ANY kind!). Right?!

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