dress code: Industry Of All Nations

Tanks Indigo combo


Industry Of All Nations (I. O. A. N.) is a contemporary lifestyle brand that was founded in Los Angeles by three Argentine brothers. I. O. A. N. focuses on good, simple designs combined with global influences stemming from their many relationships around the world. They currently manufacture and design their products in seven countries around the world: Argentina, Bolivia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, and the United States.  All products are produced through sustainable methods which make this global brand a class act.

MENTORS NOTE: If you are looking for a brand to wear that is hip, yet simple and comfortable, this is it. The collection evokes a care-free mentality, but it still brings quality products and good fit to the table. The Clean tanks shown above are lightweight and perfect for warm weather. They are all made with 100% Indian organic cotton and dyed and finished in 100% natural dyes, water, and biodegradable soap. Each tank shows a slightly different and raw coloring that adds to the items individuality. The picture above shows the tanks drying on a bamboo stick after being dyed. Pair it with a pair of fitted khaki or navy shorts and some Sperry’s and you are ready for the patio weather.

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