dress code: imogene + willie


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imogene + willie is lead by childhood friends, Matt and Carrie Edmenson. The Nashville, TN based company was founded in 2009 and is named after Carrie’s maternal grandparents.  With a combined 20 years of experience in the denim and design world, Matt and Carrie set out to create quality denim pieces. Their online store now includes mens and womens clothing, home goods, textiles and shoes.

MENTORS NOTE: It wouldn’t hurt to add a bit of aesthetics to your life. I know… you are thinking, “Surely, they aren’t talking to me!” Chances are, that we are! Visit the imogene + willie site and invest in a few key items. 1. a pair of their jeans. Why? Because everyone should have more than one pair of great fitting, quality, durable jeans that look good enough to be worn during the day and at night. 2. select a few pieces from their home goods section. Why? Because your kitchen probably needs the attention. A statement serving bowl or cutting board (which can double as a serving slat for home-made flatbreads) will catch your guests eye and will make you look like a legit chef. 3. A pumice stone and a nail brush. “WTF do I need either of those things?”, you may be asking. Here is your answer: Because if you are a typical guy (and we are assuming that you are) your feet need to be exfoliated. No one likes your rough feet rubbing against them in the sheets. And while you are at it, scrub those nails with that nail brush that you going to buy. Your nails should look clean, polished and kept. You’re welcome.

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