dress code: have you met brent?


Everyone meet Brent, the new handmade, leather iPhone wallet from Bas and Lokes. The Australian-based company is run by a duo team of designers and continues to produce quality, innovative pieces for the forward man (and woman). The functional wallet is available in four different colors, each continuing to darken as the product is used.

MENTORS NOTE: Enough with the bulky wallet. No, seriously! All receipts, restaurant punch cards, business cards, family pictures, and seedy phone numbers that you picked up at a bar, should be removed. All you need is your drivers license or ID, your bank card, one credit card and some cash. Now with your nifty Brent wallet, you can slip in your iPhone into the appropriate slot and you’re ready to go! The sharp looking wallet allows you to have everything you need in your back pocket without weighing you down. Get one in a brown tone and the black one and you’re set.

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