dress code: metallic sole





Creative Recreation always gives us something new and fresh, which is why we LOVE them. For S13, they launch the Metallic Collection, two of their best selling styles (the Cota and Cesario X), both designed with a combination of premium suede, metallic and leather finishes.  Metallic shoes! I know, you should be nervous. You aren’t Michael Jackson or Kanye (yes, THAT Kanye). If you are the former then we have issues because you should be dead (I know… too soon). If you are the latter, Tell Kim I said hi. I digress… these shoes are bold and not everyone can pull them off. BUT… if you decide that you are willing to try, then please read our notes below:

MENTORS NOTE: As mentioned above, metallic shoes are not for everyone. Properly wearing them is as much of a task as actually being able to pull this look off. So let us help you. Keep it really simple. Take the silver metallic sneakers (shown above). Pair it with some khaki or olive green skinny chinos and a crisp white v-neck t-shirt. Maybe a few thin bracelets on one hand for added color, but nothing too clunky or loud. Let the shoes shine (no pun intended) without having to fight for attention with something else that you are wearing. And keep your attitude and vibe in check. If you act up while wearing these shoes, you’ll be automatically be conisdered a MAJOR douche. So just keep it cool, calm and collected.

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