dress code: it’s time


Filip Tysander, founder of Daniel Wellington, was on one of his global travels when he ran into a man, gentlemanly and refined, yet relaxed. Tysander loved how he wore his Rolex watch on old, weathered Nato straps. A friendship emerged and a brand was born. The man’s name… Daniel Wellington. The Daniel Wellington watch is preppy, elegant and free of any superfluous features. Each timepiece is cleanly designed and is accompanied by a colorful Nato strap made of strong nylon (leather straps also available as shown above).

MENTORS NOTE: Every man should have a timepiece. Not a watch. We said “timepiece”. The difference? Your watch probably has a light, an annoying alarm, some unnecessary hands and some sort of digital feature. Your timepiece should just be that… a piece that tells time. Plain and simple. Get a Daniel Wellington timepiece and some of those cool interchangeable straps. You’ll have the same clean face every day, but can easily change the look by swapping the strap. The hands are easy to read without the unwanted fuss.

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