dress code: cap it off


It started as a man’s desire to design hats that he couldn’t find anywhere else. That was 2011. Now, Skulls NYC is available in 10 countries around the globe and has tens of thousands of social media followers. Founder, Ivan Jimenez, is a pro skateboard photographer that has traveled the world shooting for brands like Thrasher Magazine, Ezekiel Clothing, Axion shoes and Benetton Italy. His experiences as a freelance designer and brand manager at Nike have equipped him well, launching over 120 designs in a 24 month period.

MENTORS NOTE: We all wear caps. To a game. To class. And on the days when we don’t feel like fixing our hair. It happens to the best of us. But… that doens’t mean we have to wear a sports team baseball cap or a tragic truckers cap (sorry, Ashton). Skulls NYC has cool, bold caps that anyone can wear! They’re casual and festively designed with cool, funky patterns. Where your favorite t-shirt and jeans and cap it off (no pun intended… ok, yes it was intended!) with one of the Skulls hats shown above. Hey… keep your eyes on the hats. We can see your eyes start to wander!

(necklace by Bing Bang jewelry)

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