dress code: raising the bar


Pastel tie bars 3


Need a tie? thetiebar.com  Need some socks? thetiebar.com  Need some colored laces? thetiebar.com  Need some tie clips? You get the point. The Tie Bar has everything to complete your polished look from socks and colored laces to pocket squares, bow ties and cuff links. They have an extensive selection of fabrics, styles and colors available all while keeping up with the latest trends. Best of all, the items sold here are affordable! Don’t get me wrong, a fancy Stefano Ricci tie from Neiman Marcus is great (a shout out to my friend Filippo Ricci!), but a man’s gotta eat! Ties at The Tie Bar start at $15!

MENTORS NOTE: All men wear a tie at some point in their life. Yes, I agree, that sometimes it’s for a funeral or a wedding, but you may as well look sharp attending either of those two functions. Whether its a business setting or a stylish fashion event, have a few skinny ties ready (the silk knit ones are great!). They’ll make any basic suit look completely different. Add a pocket square and you are set! Try a light gray fitted suit with cognac colored shoes and belt. Pair it with solid orange, knit skinny tie (like the one shown above) and a blue tie clip for show. Clean and sharp with a hint of jazz.

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