dress code: kansas city cool



Baldwin Denim is a Kansas City based denim and lifestyle brand founded by Matt Baldwin in 2009. After studying at FIDM in Los Angeles and being a boutique owner for some years, Baldwin decided to launch the denim powerhouse to meet the need for modern designs applied to Japanese and American Selvage. It all started with three men’s denim fits and has now expanded into a full men’s and women’s line sold at specialty retailers around the world (and at the Baldwin Flagship store in Kansas City).

MENTORS NOTE: Everyone needs a good, quality pair of jeans. We’ve said that since day one. So why not get a pair (or two… or three) from a company based in the heart of America who produces quality, well designed denim that fits… AND lasts! Start with The Reed. It’s a classic straight leg jean that is offered in an array of shades, including dark denim, tobacco, moss and olive. Pair them with your best fitting t-shirt and you are set. Effortless comfort. (while you are on their site, check out The B and The Paul. Two of our picks for the summer!)

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