dress code: wings and horns

wh ss13 5

wh ss13 4

wh ss13 2

wh ss13 1

wings + horns, founded in 2004, originated between Vancouver and Tokyo.  The company was inspired to combine Canadian elements with Japanese quality.  wings+horns has now established themselves as a lifestyle brand that integrates its classic fits with a utilitarian style.

MENTORS NOTE: It is summer time! And that means it is time to freshen up your wardrobe. Spring cleaning should have been done by now and you should be adding to your list of “must haves” for the summer. On that list… wings + horns! Here is why: 1. Their stuff is cool! And you may (hopefully) will look cool wearing it. 2. Their products are stylish and edgy, yet still functional and practical enough for everyone to wear on a daily basis. And 3. Because we said so! Have we ever guided you in the wrong direction!? Don’t answer that. Find a retailer that carries wings + horns (try Original Octane in Dallas) or shop online and get yourself a few pieces. A few shorts, a fitted blazer and a pair of twill chino pants. You can mix and match with what you currently have in your closet.  Don’t forget to check out their shoes… yellow suede high tops?! YES, please!

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