dress code: gone rogue



Tired of over paying for eyewear that is subpar? Enter: Rogue Eyewear! The company was created to offer the consumer an alternative to costly sunglasses. The company is run by people like you and me. Normal people with a need for comfortable, stylish sunglasses. And that’s exactly what they offer.

MENTORS NOTE: You should always have at least three pairs of sunglasses. Two good pairs, one black and one brown, (and by “good” we do not mean the ones you buy at the local drug store) and a more casual pair that you wouldn’t mind losing on a ride at Six Flags. But… now we think you should add a fourth to the mix. The Rogue Bamboo shades with the Smoke lenses are awesome! The frames are handcrafted from bamboo and the inside of the frame is hand painted in signature red. Think of these shades as Louboutins for your face! I know… flippin’ cool, right?!? Go online a grab a pair NOW! They’re a limited edition and only 100 are made of each colorway.

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