dress code: the neuw denim standard

30811 Iggy Skinny Black Exhaust

30922 Denim Pattern Shirt 30987 Iggy Skinny Biker Midnight

30857 Rocker Bomber Jacket Army 30825 Enkel Tee White 30931 Iggy Skinny Raw Selvedge

30857 Rocker Bomber Jacket Black 30841 Wall Paper Shirt Italian Army 30984 Iggy Skinny Worn Black2

The origin of the name Neuw began in Nieuwlandstraat, Brussels. This is where the tailoring and alteration of vintage pieces from a denim archive began and where the idea of Vintage Revision was born.  Neuw pays homage to the heritage of denim and creates and crafts modern design all while paying respect to traditional garment construction. The fits, finishes and washes are updated, fresh and fashion forward and designed for a modern man.

MENTORS NOTE: Many of the jeans currently in your closet have no story or character. They are mass produced out of a generic pattern and a label is smacked on them. Not these jeans. Neuw carefully constructs each pair and adds detail that is only noticeable to the keen eye. The ring, which sits on the front, right belt loop of each pair of jeans originate from a vintage fob watch. There is a story behind that watch fob and now every pair of Neuw jeans has one fastened to its belt loop. Has your wallet every busted the stitches of your back pocket? Each pair of jeans has a signature “scribble” on the back pocket to reinforce it and keep this from happening. Again, there’s a story behind why they did that. Now get a pair of Neuw jeans and give them some more character. They’ll mold to your shape and adjust to your daily activity with wear and tear marks unique to the way you move.

Find out more details on the stories hinted above at http://www.neuwdenim.com.



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