dress code: bjorn again




Bjorn Borg is the Swedish based fashion company mostly known for their brightly colored and patterned underwear.  The global brand, named after tennis champion Bjorn Borg, carries a full range of men’s accessories, shoes, bags and sportswear. Read our post on their men’s activewear here.

MENTORS NOTE:  We’ve had the underwear discussion with you once or twice before. But let us recap. Your underwear say as much about you as your pants or shirt. The way they look, the way they fit and the way you walk in them. Our most precious jewels are carted around in these fabric carriers day and night (well at least during the day). So don’t just buy a six pack of underwear from some mass retailer. Put some time into purchasing a few good pairs of well fitted, good quality underwear. Bjorn Borg has a vast selection of men’s underwear in all styles, colors and patterns.  Get the style that works for you and be done with it.  You and your junk will be highly satisfied!

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