dress code: day in age

Gilded Age T's-1.1

Gilded Age T's-1.2

Gilded Age has been producing men’s denim for years using old machinery and methods of construction which give each piece a unique aged look and feel.  Some of the most ancient dying methods in the industry are used on these products including Volcanic mud dye, parchment, natural charcoal, tea, logwood, Japanese Alder and natural indigo. These treatments give the Gilded Age products the weathered look that they are known for. They offer a varied selection of t-shirts, shorts, jeans, outerwear and accessories.

MENTORS NOTE: Summer is here (for most of the world) which means it’s tee time! It is way too hot outside for you to pretend that you are comfortable in that polyester suit or that wool button down. It’s HOT! So dress cool! Gilded Age has a couple of great looking (and fitting) tees that are perfect. They each have that weathered/worn look and the graphics are cool and subtle enough that you don’t feel odd wearing a “graphic” tee. Pair it with your best fitting pair of jeans and you’ll have the perfect casual look (backwards baseball cap is optional).

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