dress code: the young and the reckless




Young & Reckless is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand that was created in 2009.  The globally popular brand is inspired by the carefree “reckless” mentality of today’s generation. Their heavy social media presence, vast online content and placement on series such as MTV’s Fantasy Factory, has allowed Y&R to have global success, being carried at some of the most popular retailers in the U.S. and the world.

MENTORS NOTE: Add some graphics to your life! There is a different between those tragic “Got tickets to the gun show” tees and the cool Y&R graphic tees.  Solid shirts are great. They work well in every occasion and help you look clean and put together, but everyone needs a little bit of fun from time to time. Y&R has a kick-a$$ (hey, there could be children reading this blog) selection of graphic tees, outerwear, swimwear, tanks and caps! Check out their site and scope out all of the goods. Get a few tanks and caps in your favorite styles and you are ready for the summer. Pair with some camo shorts, some denim cut offs (yes, we approve denim cut offs… on certain people… under certain circumstances) or a pair of fitted colored chinos and you’re good to go!

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