dress code: soulful soles


Veja, the French, eco-conscience footwear company, collaborated with Luc Jacquet for the release of his new film Il Était une Forêt. The rubber used in the soles of the Veja ESPLAR Moabi print sneakers comes from Brazil. The Amazon rainforest in Brazil is the only place where rubber trees grow in the wild. Veja works in the Amazon with a co-op of rubber tappers to help develop these sneakers.

MENTORS NOTE: These eco-chic sneakers from Veja are perfect for the fall. They have a brightly colored leaf print that adds just enough pop so you don’t feel drab. You do not need much more funk when wearing these shoes. Pair them with your favorite pair of khaki or light gray denim jeans, a dark chambray button down or basic white tee and you’re set to go. Depending on the weather, bundle up accordingly. A fitted denim jacket with your khaki jeans and tshirt or an olive green army jacket with your gray jeans and chambray button down would look great!

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