tms holiday wish list: dress code

Let go of the tacky holiday sweater and slowly put it down. Better yet, toss it! You need to look sharp and style savvy year around and that includes the holiday season. The abundance of glittered wreaths and reindeer sweaters is NO excuse!

1. The Portland Collection Hells Canyon Duffle coat / 2. Mismo M/S explorer bag / 3. Rogue Eyewear Bamboo Red / 4. Closed Denim Shirt / 5. Athletic Recon / 6. What About Yves Hat / 7. Baldwin Denim

MENTORS NOTE: You are probably going to a holiday party at some point. And everyone there will probably be dressed (if that’s what you want to call it) in a gray or blue suit, or a thick ribbed sweater. Really? Be the exception. Where fitted layers so that you can slowly remove them, depending on the temperate in the room, and so that you don’t end up looking boxy. Holiday parties don’t always have to be so formal either. Go with a casual prep attire. Trust me, they’ll be staring at you, not because you look too casual, but because they only WISH they were out of their suit and into your Closed denim shirt, fitted Baldwin jeans and What About Yves hat.

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