tms holiday wish list: travel 101

Tis the season! So you will probably be traveling. Waiting in long lines, flight delays, over crowded airports and a lack of leg room will probably overwhelm you! We are already overwhelmed just blogging about it. Let these nifty travel items make your travel life easier (and way more fashionable).

1. NDC Passport cover / 2. Sandast Travel bag / 3. Kale Naturals travel kit / 4. LSTN Headphones available at Warehous Dallas / 5. Hard Graft carry on suitcase

MENTORS NOTE: For most, traveling means they can look like they are dressed for their 8 a.m. biochem class in college. For your sake, as well as the sake of other travelers, leave the slippers, sweatshirts and eco-friendly grocery totes (they are NOT supposed to be used as a carry on) at home! If you leave your home looking sharp, you will arrive looking just as sharp. With the list above, you are well on your way from not blending in with the sea of sad travelers this holiday season. Hey, we are just being honest. You know who you are.

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