dress code: agave

Agave_Mens_FA13_Look_4 Agave_Mens_FA13_Look_5

Agave Denim was founded in Santa Monica, CA in 2002. Their Fall 2013 collection consists mostly of a muted palette with the occasional colored pant. The overall feel is a bit rugged, while it keeps its California cool look and feel. As always, Agave Denim is doing things right. They design items they love. They treat their associates like family and they have ethical design and manufacturing methods, locally sourced, whenever possible. Doing good never looked so good.

MENTORS NOTE: We LOVE the Nevada Cardigan, shown above (top image). The contrast from the black and the caviar colored trim gives this piece a sleek, sharp look. You can pair it with a colored pant or your favorite pair of jeans. A simple white v-neck underneath will suffice. For an easy wardrobe switch, keep the white v-neck, remove the cardigan and grab a pair of the colored pants. You’ll look comfortable and casual, but not boring.

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