dress code: Athletic Recon

IMG_2790 IMG_1468 IMG_0886 IMG_0701

The California-based athletic wear brand combines street fashion with technically sound design and offers an array of activewear pieces for all types of athletes. Their sophomore collection for Fall ’13 includes outwear, a variety of shorts and a pant. Their use of fabrics and industry leading design allows Athletic Recon to provide performance/training apparel to athletes around the globe.

MENTORS NOTE: We all work out. Ok… most of us work out. Ok… some of us work out. But when we do, we do not need to look like we are doing yard work. Athetlic Recon provides functional athletic gear that has street style! Get a few of their tops, a pair of their shorts and maybe their Commando pant. Pair it with a pair of cool, funky, colored athletic kicks and you are ready to hit the gym (and possibly Whole Foods and your local Starbucks afterwards). A workout doesn’t have to deter you from having some gym swag.

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