dress code: mad mack


Mack Weldon, the designer and direct-to-consumer retailer of men’s basics, continues to produce and sell their full line of underwear, socks, undershirts and       t-shirts. All of their products are engineered to promote comfort, mobility, performance and functionality.  Read more about the brand in our previous post on Mack Weldon. For 2014, they are partnering with Mad Men Constume Designer, Janie Bryant, and bringing her on as a guest author on their new blog, Well Said. A designer collaberation is also on the way for later this year.

MENTORS NOTE: We have previously confessed our love for this brand in a previous post. It doesnt bring the fuss and glitz that is unecessary when we think of our underwear. We need good fit, great design and basic colors so we can pick a pair, put them on and go about our day. Mack Weldon does just that! They have a great selection of men’s underwear, under shirts, socks, etc. to make our lives a bit easier. Visit their site and do a clean sweep of the place! Re-stock your drawers. You can thank us later.

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