dress code: ernest alexander

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Ernest Alexander was started five years ago with the simple dream of making men’s accessories the old fashioned way, with good quality materials and fine craftsmanship. Their first piece, the Hudson Messenger Bag, launched a year later. From there more bags followed as well as a line of accessories, travel pieces and clothing. 100% of the line is manufactured in the U.S., with most of it being made within a mile of their NYC design studio.

MENTORS NOTE: You need to check out the full collection of clothing and acessories that Ernest Alexander has to offer. Why, you ask? Because we said so. And you should trust us. Why, you ask? Just because. Now quit asking “why” and just do it. The line is clean and sophisticated. It’s classic with a modern twist. The color palette and cuts of the outerwear are universal for most occasions and body frames and the subtle introductions of color and pattern add just enough fun without making anything look hokey. Who says “hokey” anymore? We obviously do.

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