dress code: happy socks

tms.happy.socks.1 tms.happy.socs.2

What started out as a vision between two friends in 2008 is now sold in over 50 countries. Happy Socks turns an every day essential (socks) into a colorful method of expression! Their CHAPTER #SIX collection of socks offers what seems to be an endless variety of designs and models available in a vast array of materials, colors, textures, patterns and designs. There is a pair of socks for almost every occasion that can fit every type of outfit. Wear Happy. Be happy!

MENTORS NOTE: We have said it before and we’ll say it again. Every guy should own a few pairs of colorful socks, in particular, Happy Socks! The average guys doesn’t wear much color or pattern and that’s probably a good thing. The world can only take so much argyle and plaid! But a bit of playful designs and bright colors never hurt anyone! Keep the shirt, suit and shoes a neutral, sleek palette and let the socks have the fun. It’ll add a simple splash of color without looking clownish. It’s a nice way of letting everyone know that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Plus, if you ever have to take your shoes off (airport security, shoe store, dressing room, etc.) you aren’t caught with those tragic white socks with grey colored toes. Those are sad socks. (enter emoticon here)

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