dress code: ewing dry goods

tms.ewing.2 tms.ewing.1

Ewing Dry Goods is a family owned business located in Juneau, Alaska.  Dan Ewing (with the support of his wife, two daughters and the family dog) specializes in unique handmade leather goods and personal carry items, drawing inspiration from both the Alaskan Native culture and classic American style. It is Ewing Dry Goods mission and goal to use 100% American made or raised products whenever possible. If they have to source certain products from other countries, they make sure that country has labor laws and fair wages in place for their workers. Not only that, but any animal product that you see being used on their site has been obtained from an animal hunted for sustenance purposes only or one that has died of natural causes. That type of awareness is what makes you feel good about purchasing their product (along with the fact that its cool stuff)!

MENTORS NOTE: Everyone should have black leather accessories in their arsenal. Why? Because the material is durable. Because the color is classic and timeless. And because it makes everything look more sophisticated. For example: the coffee cup sleeve that is shown above. I am a Starbucks groupie just like the rest of you, but their post recycled kraft paper sleeves have NOTHING on this black leather sleeve! What says, “It’s too early to mess with me! Let me drink my coffee first” better than that?! We LOVE it! Plus, it’s eco-friendly. You will use and reuse this black leather sleeve versus throwing 10 paper sleeves away every week. While you are at it, get this minimal men’s wallet too. It’s sturdy, mature and will prevent you from fisting all of your old receipts and food stamp cards into such a small space. We hope.

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