dress code: Shinola

watches_S_01_00071_PH_2000x1150 watches_S_01_00071_BH_2000x1150

Shinola has an impressive design and manufacturing process going down in Detroit, MI. Why Detroit, you may ask? Shinola believes in this city. They believe that American manufacturing is not dead and that it can, indeed, rise once again. And they believe that Detroit not only has a deep history, but also a bright future. Shinola has an extremely impressive line-up of watches (shown above), wallets, bags, journals and even bicycles! They partner with some of the best craftsman in the country to deliver precise, quality made products that are proudly designed, assembled and produced in the United States.

MENTORS NOTE: Let’s focus on the watch for now. Every guy should have a timepiece in their watch collection. Your Casio or acrylic band watch does not qualify as a “timepiece”. Invest in a classic timepiece by Shinola. It is extremely well made, well designed and aesthetically pleasing, capable of being worn to an evening gala or Sunday brunch. Versatility is key and this timepiece delivers. Get one with a colored band. It is a great way to add a bit of color without calling any unnecessary attention to yourself. Just like with any investment, maintenance is important. Keep the face unscratched, keep all of the inner pieces functioning and let your leather band breathe at night. Yes, your wrists sweat as much as your armpits and your leather will absorb the scent.

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