dress code: tms s’14 top picks


tms s14 top picks – Tommy Hilfiger . Sandast . Bluer Denim

Why we love it: This season Tommy Hilfiger has tons of great, bold colors that every guy should at least try! The primary and secondary colors are… so last season! (sorry, we had to say it.) This pink coral sweater is such a cool color that isn’t as bold as one would imagine once its on. The Sandast back pack is functional, sturdy and the black and camel trim contrast gives it a fancy casual look. We went crazy over this back pack! So lose the Jansport (no seriously… lose it… forever!) and get one of these! The jeans are a new brand called Bluer Denim. The jeans are designed, manufactured and produced with materials from the U.S.A. Their quality is just as remarkable as their story! More to come on the brand and what they stand for!

Why you should love it: Because we said so. It’s that simple. Don’t be afraid of a little color, you MUST try the Bluer Denim Home Try-On program and don’t forget to lose your Jansport. Done and done.

Models hair is styled with Evo products.

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