dress code: tms s’14 top picks


tms s14 top picks – Fidelity Denim . Mack Weldon

Why we love it: Because these underwear feel good! Mack Weldon makes extremely comfortable underwear, shirts and socks that combine quality materials, fit and design. We love them as much as we love their site! It’s pretty cool. Fidelity Denim is an LA-based denim brand that has an unparalleled cool factor. The fit is great and the dark wash (shown above) is perfect for a day wear that can easily be transitioned into night.

Why you should love it: Because who doesn’t want their junk in a really comfortable pair of underwear!? There is a reason we do not wear potato sacks. We want soft, well-fitting fabric surrounding our manhood and Mack Weldon delivers! As for the jeans, every guys denim arsenal should include a pair of Fidelity’s. Each denim brand fits differently and has its own set of characteristics so variety is key. Fidelity is a must have!

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