dress code: tms s’14 top picks


tms s14 top picks – Apolis . Tom’s Eyewear

Why we love it: There are tons of brands out there that you have the choice to purchase. That is a fact. But few are a Certified B Corporation. Apolis is one of those companies. Don’t worry, we didn’t know what that meant either! Certified B Corporations are companies that have been certified for having above par working standards for their workers, providing a higher quality of job and for meeting higher standards of accountability and performance. It’s pretty nifty stuff! So if we are going to buy swimming trunks for the summer (and we are), Apolis is our #1 pick! Grab your pair of Tom’s (yeah, the shoe brand) sunglasses and you’re set!

Why you should love it: It’s summer and it’s hot! So get a few pairs of swimming trunks and head to you nearest body of water! The chambray swimming trunks show above are the perfect color (a neutral tone) and the thick band running below the waist actually make your torso appear longer. Who doesn’t want that?! Cool trunks. Cool shades. Pretty cool.

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