dress code: tms s14 top picks


tms s14 top picks – Bench. . Evo

Why we love it: Bench. is one of our favorite brands! Why? Here are a few reasons. They have a random period (.) at the end of their name. We do not know why, but we dig it. They are nice people. We hung out with them at their showroom in NYC during last years Fashion Week and they couldn’t have been nicer! And lastly, they have crazy cool stuff! Did you not see the hooded sweater we blogged about last fall?! (click here now. thanks us later). This spring we are loving this geometric designed hooded windbreaker. The pattern breaks the norm of solid colors and adds some character to the look. Too much for you? Layer it with a solid piece to help tone it down a bit.

Why you should love it: Bench. has an array of men’s shirts, jackets, hoodies, wallets, bags and even footwear. The designs are modern, the fit is spot on and the colors vary from neutrals, to brights to patterns which means there is something for everyone. There is cool factor about the brand that comes with each piece. All of their stuff is truly functional, yet stylish which is difficult to execute.

Models hair was styled with Evo products.

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