dress code: tms s’14 top picks


tms s14 top picks – Bluer Denim . Tommy Hilfiger . Bjorn Borg

Why we love it: We LOVE chambray button down shirts. Every guy should have one! It is the ultimate cool, casual piece and, in our opinion, the most versatile! Pair it with a color chinos (see above), colored denim or even go blue on blue with your favorite pair of blue jeans. It is casual. It is dressy. It is perfect for summer with the sleeves rolled up and more perfect for fall with the sleeves rolled down. The Bluer Denim shirt above has the perfect fit, is comfortable and has the perfect shade of blue to accommodate everything in your closet. We love a bold color pair of shorts. Keep the top neutral, add a fun pair of underwear and you are set for patio weather!

Why you should love it: Guys do not like to mess around with their clothes. It either works or it doesn’t. And this chambray button down definitely works! Its versatility is superb! It will literally work with 99% of your jeans/pants/chinos/shorts (we are still on the fence about those leopard print ones)! The shorts are bold, but not loud. It’ll give you just enough attention. And who doesn’t like a pair of fun colored, pattern underwear?! They are like superhero underwear for adults!

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