dress code: s’14 top picks

IMG_4645 copy

tms s14 top picks – Joey & Jaime . Toms

Why we love it: We love t-shirts! They’re comfortable and casual and we are the comfortable and casual types! We also love to support small businesses (Nothing against you multi-billion dollar brands. I am sure life is hard on your private jet)! 🙂 Joey & Jaime is a Houston-based company led by two artists dedicated to creating a brand that shows love for the city of Houston. The nostalgic designs generate a sense of community throughout the many neighborhoods and suburbs in this vast metroplex. A special shout out to the Astrodome (too soon)! Whether you are from Houston or not, you can definitely appreciate the sense of pride for the brand and their city.

Why you should love it: Because you should support small businesses too! These guys have a passion and a damn cool product that feels good and fits great! You can’t ever have enough graphic tees and why not include a few that actually have some meaning behind it (no offense to your ever-popular “Trust me, I’m a doctor” tee). Check out their site, follow them on social media and get yourself a tee (or two)! Pair it with your Toms sunglassess and your are set!

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