dress code: tms s’14 top picks


tms s14 top picks – Tailor Vintage

Why we love it: Every guy needs some classics in their closet. A short sleeve henley, v-neck shirts and plain polo collared shirt. We all definitely have our choices when it comes to this and Tailored Vintage is in our top three. The co-ed brand offers a variety of men’s pieces all with a great fit and a classic vintage look. Their use of over dyed, washed and distressed fabrics such as seersucker and patchwork madras make for really cool shirts and shorts, all with a nice “worn” look and feel. All of a sudden your plain tee isn’t so plain after all.

Why you should love it: Guys want to be comfortable. They want to wear comfortable clothes that fit well and they do not want to feel constricted. Enter… Tailor Vintage. Their clothes offer everything us guys look for, giving us that preppy look without the loafer and sweater around the neck type of feel. You know what look we are talking about! Check out their site and stack up on EVERYTHING!

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