dress code: tms s’14 top picks


tms s14 top picks – Agave Denim . Q&Q Watches

Why we love it: This Agave Denim black zipper collared shirt is great! The zipper in lieu of the buttons is a nice twist and the band around the bottom of the shirt gives it a more fitted look and feel. We are fans of the brand and even bigger fans of this shirt! Every guys should have a few casual watches. Maybe one or two with a metal wrist band and one or two with a more casual, plastic wrist band. The Q&Q watch is such a cool watch by a really cool brand. The colors pop which adds some flair to the look, the watch is powered by the light (no battery needed) AND when you purchase a watch, partial proceeds are donated to http://www.tablefor2.org, a non-profit organization that provides meals for children in Africa and Asia.

Why you should love it: I mean really? Did you miss the part about helping feed hungry children in Africa and Asia? What more do you need?! Buy a watch for you, one for your friend and another for you. They are quite affordable, low maintenance and cool looking. The trifecta! While you are at it, purchase the black Agave Denim collared shirt. Black is sliming, its a casual shirt with some character and it’s made in the USA.

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