dress code: Garcon Model

Garcon-Model-SS14-Brickell-Trunks Garcon-Model-SS14-Watson-Briefs

The Canadian-based underwear brand is back with their second collection for Spring/Summer 2014. Garcon Model was founded by Patrick Lafontaine and Mehdi Mebarki, the stylish, forward underwear brand pushes the creative boundaries with the use of bold colors and their signature print waistband. The idea that started with a Kickstarter project has now turned into a global brand, selling more than 200,000 units since its launch in late 2012 and racking up tens of thousands of social media followers.

MENTORS NOTE: Ok, first of all, we need to do some extra sit-ups tonight! Really?! We digress… these underwear are not your basic Calvins! They are cool looking, they are great fitting and they allow you to have a bit of fun with it. It is like business on the outside of your pants, party on the inside of your pants! Get some of their briefs and boxer briefs (both shown above). Pair them with your favorite pair of jeans and a worn in tee for the perfect casual look. The underwear fit well so they’ll stay in place and not ride up… or down.

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